Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Writing Stage: Genesis

For years I've said I want to write an epic novel, hone my craft and showcase my talent.Thus far the only thing I've done to hone my craft is read everything I could get my hands on that interest me. Advice I got from a favorite author of mine. If you want to write the best way to learn how is to study from those that do it well. Other than that I've dabbled in writing short stories, erotic prose, and don't forget the academic essays I write for my English course I am taking with University of London's Internal Programme.

I've done all this and yet I still haven't had the gonads to actually begin writing the epic piece of fiction. Why? Well perhaps it was writer's block, or maybe lack of devotion. I did however, begin writing out a plan for a chick lit novel based loosely around my future relationship with my closest girlfriends back home, but never actually began writing the novel.

What sparked inspiration now? Well I realized that I needed to become proactive, if I keep making excuses as to why I haven't began writing then I will never write. I have so many ideas swarming around in my head, from constantly living in my own world that it is absolutely a travesty that I haven't placed pen to paper.

Last night I began researching and re-reading tips from various authors on starting a novel, mapping out a plan, organizing the ideas and then finally executing and writing the novel.

Today marked the genesis of my project. I began creating in my mind a story based on one we grew up with as kids. At this stage I will no reveal what the novel will be about as yet. I will say that I have decided to write my fist novel as a series. Currently there are 3 novels in this series, but that perhaps maybe subject to change as I come to know my characters and allow them to navigate the direction of the story.

The genre I am writing under is Fantasy, because for the past few years more than anything, I have read fantasy fiction the most. My target market will be young adult and teenagers. That market has had a serious resurgence in the past few years and once written correctly appeal to adults like me who loves a good story.

The process:

Genesis or the beginning was developed today as I began writing notes and ideas about about the plot of the story, summary sentence for the first novel, and a summary paragraph.I have decided to use the Snowflake method to organize my novel and write it with Scriven.

Here are some shots of the work done thus far:

These are notes about the world I am creating, just skeleton that will frame the world the fleshy parts will be added later!

The next step was fleshing out the summary or the gist of the story.This allows me to see where I want to go and it will help the story develop. Sort of like scaffolding for architecture.

This idea of plotting out series came from the amazing Holly Lisle. I am member of her mailing list where she has tons of e-seminars on writing and doing it well. So here I display that my aspirations at being an artist will never come true, but I begin to map out how I want the series to flow. This is all tentative and may change like I said as characters begin to present themselves, and the plot develops. Another set of scaffolding.

Lastly I begin the Snowflake process of organizing.So far I've completed Step 1 which is writing a 1 sentence summary of the book in 15 words or less which took me a very long time. It is a very difficult thing to do but after all the attempts the highlighted sentence finally came out. Step 2 is expanding on that sentence and writing a 5 sentence summary of the book. This came a bit easier as I am able to elaborate.

This grueling process is going to be more than just arduous I think I will have tons of chances to grow as a writer and perfect my craft. I am very excited for beginning, now I just have to follow through until the first draft is finished. I plan to pitch a proposal to a few Literary Agents and Publishing Houses before completing the draft and see if anyone wants to option it before I publish it. If it happens then I am sure it will boost my confidence and give me more of an incentive to get it finished.

Stay tuned!

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